Plain Omelette

                                    Plain Omelette
 Plain Omelette

The earliest omelettes are believed to have originated in Ancient Persia. Omelettes are all-around brunch. Omelettes are the fillings of your choice.
Preparation time- 5 minutes
Cooking time- 5 minutes
Ingredients                                                            Quantity
Eggs, size 55                                                        2 to 3
Salt and white pepper                                           taste
Butter                                                                    20g
1. Break the eggs into a basin, season with pepper and salt and mix thoroughly until the whites and yolks are evenly combined. Heat a seasoned omelette, add 15g of butter and shake the pan to coat the base and sides completely. Just before the butter begins to turn brown, pour in the eggs
2. Shake the pan vigorously while stirring the eggs with a fork. Take care to continually remove the egg from the side of the pan to the center as it sets.
3. When the egg is slightly firm underneath but still soft in the center, tilt the pan up on a 45 degree angle with the edge of the pan furthest from the handle over the gas jet. Use the fork to release the omelette from the sides of the pan and gently push it towards the edge of the pan over the flame to form a cigar or oval shape.
4. Finish the cooking under the salamander for a couple of seconds. The outside of the omelette should be set, but not coloured. The center should be soft and moist.
5. When cooked, turn the omelette out onto a warm service plate and brush the surface with the remainder of the butter. Serve immediately.