Barbecue Spare Ribs

barbecue spare ribs

What I think about ribs- Ribs of pork, beef, lamb and venison are a cut of meat. In the ribs indicate to small part of meat chops, Louis cut ribs are the meatiest and most flavorful ribs.
Ribs can be roasted, grilled, fried, baked and smoked. The best method of cooking ribs on grill using tongs to moceuver into place. Ribs are cooked using the low, indirect heat and smoke of a barbecue part on the high, direct heat of a grill.
Ribs are source of Vitamin B6 and protein. The food is high in fat and crabs.
Barbecued spare ribs usually serve with barbecue sauce. Barbecued serve with herbed potato salad, corn and tomato coleslaw and baked cheese grits.
Preparation time- 10mintues
Cooking time- 2.20 hours
Yield- 4 portions
            Ingredients                                                Quantity

Onion, finely diced                                                  120g
Garlic                                                                       50g
Honey                                                                      200g
Peanut oil                                                                 70ml
Sesame oil                                                               30ml
White vinegar                                                           70ml
Tomato purees                                                         120g
Brown stock                                                              250ml
Worcestershire sauce                                               50ml
Dry mustard                                                              50ml
Ginger powder                                                          4g
Thyme, chopped                                                          4g
Pepper and salt                                                            to taste
Pork spare ribs                                                             2.2kg

1. Sweat the onion and garlic in the peanut oil over low heat. Mix in the sesame oil, vinegar, tomato puree, honey, stock, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, ginger and thyme, season with pepper and salt.
2. Bring the marinade sauce to the boil and simmer 10 to 15 minutes. Pour the liquid into a stainless steel, glass or ceramic bowl and allow to cool.
3. Trim the spare ribs of excess fat and sinew. Cut in between the ribs to get flour equal slab portions or cut in between each rib to get individual ribs.
4. Place the prepared ribs into the cooled marinade, cover and leave overnight.
5. To cook, place the ribs on a pre-heated bar grill or barbecue. Baste generously with the barbecue sauce every5 to6 minutes while cooking. Turn the ribs as required until the ribs become brown and crisp. If they start to take onto much color, place them in a roasting dish and finish them in the oven. Serve as required.