Beef Consommé High Protein Recipes

                                     Beef Consommé
high protein recipes

Beef consommé is an intensely flavorful, full-bodied soup made from brown beef stock and seasonings.
Cooking time- 2 hours
Yield- 1 litre

Ingredients                                             Quantity
Shin beef, minced                                      250g
Egg whites                                                 3
Onion                                                         80g
Celery                                                        80g
Carrot                                                         80g
Leek                                                           80g
Peppercorns                                              8-10
Bay leaf                                                      1
Thyme                                                        1 sprig
Parsley stems                                            5
Cloves                                                        2
Cold beef stock                                          1 ½ l
 Combine the beef, egg whites, mirepoix, herbs and spices together in a bowl and mix them together well with a wooden spoon. Add 250ml of the cold stock and mix into the raft ingredients to dilute them a little.
Place the remainder of the cold stock into a suitably sized heavy-based pot, preferably one with a tap at the base, and a mix in the raft ingredients well with a whisk. Allow to stand for one hour so the water-soluble proteins can dissolve.
Place the pot on moderate heat and let it come to a simmer very slowly, stirring carefully from time to time to keep the bottom of the pan clean without disturbing the raft. When the mix is approaching simmering point, stop stirring.
Adjust the temperature to a gentle simmer and allow cooking 2 hours.
Carefully strain through filter paper in a chinois, remove any fat and adjust seasoning with sea salt.