Cucumber Raita

                                   Cucumber Raita
Cucumber Raita
Cucumber raita is especially common in summer time. It is serving with rice and curry. It mix of cucumber, lemon juice, mint leaves and chillies chopped.
Preparation time -10 minutes
Ingredients                                               Quantity
Natural yogurt                                            700g
Cucumber deseeded grated                      300g
Mint leaves                                                13g
Cumin powder                                           1g
Lemon juice                                               10g
Pepper                                                       3g
Salt                                                            5g
Chillies chopped                                       13g


1. Deseed cucumber and puree in blender.
2. Squeeze excess juice from pulp, reserve juice.
3. Mix cucumber puree, chopper coriander with yogurt and add all other ingredients.
4. Season as needed.