Gazpacho is a natural source of vitamin (A, C, E), iron, calcium, zinc, copper, magnesium and sodium. It is a cool and fresh starter to any meal. It is a healthy snack.
Prepration-2:20 minutes
Yield-1 litre
Ingredients                                                              Quantity
Continental cucumber                                             1
Onion, large dice                                                     40g
Garlic, peeled and chopped                                    2 cloves
Tomato concasse                                                    200g
Chicken stock, cold                                                 300ml
Fresh wine bread, diced                                          80g
Tomato juice                                                            250ml
Vinegar                                                                    15ml
Olive oil                                                                    50ml
Green capsicum                                                      1
Salt                                                                           trace
White pepper                                                            trace
Cumin                                                                       trace
Chives, chopped                                                      ¼ bunch
Croutons, diced                                                        50g

1. cut a quarter of the cucumber and a quarter of the green capsicum into brunoise. Mix with finely cut vegetables with 50 g of the tomato concasse and chopped chives and set aside in a bowl to use as garnish.
2. Roughly chop the remainder of the cucumber and capsicum and mix well with the onion, garlic, tomato, stock, bread, tomato juice, vinegar and olive oil.
3. Allow the ingredients to marinate for one hour and then puree in a blender.
4. Add the cumin and adjust the seasoning with pepper and salt. Add the finely cut cucumber, capsicum, tomato and chives and mix well. Chill the soup in the refrigerator.
5. Serve the soup ice cold in a chilled bowl garnished with croutons.