Suzette sauce

                                    Crepe Suzette sauce
 Suzette sauce

Suzette sauce French style crepes are dressed to impress.

Preparation time-40 minutes
Cooking time-20 minutes

Ingredients                                                                Quantity
Orange juice                                                             150ml
Orange grated zest                                                   1 medium
Lemon grated rind and juice                                     1
Caster sugar                                                             1tbsp
Brandy                                                                      3tbsp
Unsalted butter                                                         50g
A little extra grand marnier                                       for flaming

Cold milk                                                                   1 lt

Sifted flour                                                                 300g
Salt                                                                            pinch
Sugar                                                                        50g
Eggs                                                                          10
Orange zest                                                              1
Melted butter                                                             10ml

Suzette sauce
For the sauce, mix all the ingredients-with the exception of the butter in a bowl. At the same time warm the plates on which the crepes are going to be served. Now melt the butter in the frying pan, pour in the sauce and allow it to heat very gently. Then place the first crepes in the pan and give it time to warm through before folding it in half and then in half again to make a triangular shape. Sides this onto the very edge of the pan, tilt the pan slightly so the sauce runs back into the centre, then add the next crepe. Continue like this until they are all re-heated, folded and well soaked with the sauce.
You can flame them at this point if you like. Heat a ladle by holding it over a gas flame or by resting it on the edge of a hotplate, then, away from the heat, pour a little brandy into it, return it to the heat to warm the spirit, then set light to it. Carry the flaming ladle to the table over the pan and pour the flames over the crepes before serving on the warmed plates.


Add flour salt sugar and zest together.
Mix eggs and add to flour mix.
Mix until a smooth paste.
Slowly add cold mix to make a smooth with thin batter.
Add melted butter, sugar, salt, orange zest, eggs, flour and milk,        rest for 1 hour