Cream Anglaise Sauce Food Recipes to Lose Weight

                    Cream Anglaise Sauce Food Recipes to Lose Weight
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Cream anglaise is French custard; it can also be used as a bed of sweet dish such as ice cream. Quick Food Recipes It has a smooth favour the sauce usually served as a cold.
Preparation time-1minutes
Cooking time- 1 hour

Ingredients                                                      unit
Eggs yolks                                                        6
Sugar                                                               120g
Vanilla essence                                               2 tsp
Milk                                                                 500

1. Place milk and the vanilla essence in a medium sauce pan. (High Protein Recipes)Heat over low heat, stirring occasionally, for 3 minutes but do not boil.
2. Slowly add heated milk to egg mixture and mix well using wooden spoon or plastic spatula.
3. Place on top of Bain-marine and stir continuously until coating consistency.
4. Place in bowl of cold water to cool down quickly to prevent overcooking.
5. Store for further use in cool room.