Apple Fritter

                                           Apple fritter
Apple fritter

Apple fritter is yummy dessert serve with vanilla cream. They are ready in 10 minutes.
Preparation time- 4 minutes
Cooking time-10 minutes
Serve- 2 portions

Ingredients                                                              Quantity
Apple                                                                       1
Sugar                                                                       30g
Lemon juice                                                             ½ lemon
Flour                                                                        20g
Yeast batter                                                             100ml
Cinnamon                                                                5g

1. Peel, core and slice the apple into rounds 1cm thick.
2. Sprinkle the apples slices with 1/3 of the sugar and the lemon juice and marinate for 30minutes, turning occasionally.
3. Drain the apple, wipe the pieces dry and then dust each slice into the flour and shake off excess.
4. Coat with the batter, shake off excess and fry 180C until golden brown.
5. Drain off fat. Mix the remaining sugar together with the cinnamon and coat the fitter. Serve with cream or ice cream.